Coffee's basic forme


Coffee Master (Character)Edit

Basic statsEdit

Species: Atrox Effervo.

Height: Varies.

Weight: Varies.

Age: Unknown


Coffee Master's basic forme resembles what can be described as a cross between a Facehugger and a Headcrab. He uses various different formes, his most well known being his basic forme, which is essentially the basic form of most Atrox Effervos.

Coffee's basic forme varies in size, it's smallest and most common size is around one inches at the widest and six inches at the longest, the largest his basic forme is around a foot at the widest and four at the longest.

Coffee's basic forme is covered with an incredibly hard, yellowish exoskeleton, which must be shed at least once per month. Coffee's eyes are purple, but may change in shade or hue depending on his mood or physical condition.


Coffee Master wields a variety of powers, his most notable being his energy manipulation and shapeshifting.

When Coffee shapeshifts, his various transformations are called "Formes". He is limited to only five of them, four of which have been set.

Coffee's energy manipulation allows him to use any form of energy to his advantage, whether it be firing energy balls for an attack, or absorbing an opponent's life force.

Coffee also has psychic abilities, but he almost never uses them, since he thinks psychic abilities are dishonorable and should not be used in a one-on-one fight.

Coffee has a few skills also used by all Atrox Effervo, which are the following:

"Multi-sight" which allows him to use multiple types of vision at once, including but not limited to infrared vision, night vision, and zooming.

Acidic bodily excretions, the most notable being acidic saliva and acidic blood.

Energy sensing abilities.

Powerful sense of taste and smell.

Asexual reproduction, which he has vowed to not use unless he really needs it.

The ability to gain traits of a host being.


Coffee Master is the prince of a race of parasitic aliens known as Atrox Effervo. He was was banished and almost killed after being framed for the murder of his father and has made a battleship known as The Eldritch his current home

Coffee was once known for his extremely violent temper and destructive habits, but for some unknown reason, has seemed to calm down lately, preferring to teach his various moves and techniques to any student that gains his approval and is willing to learn.

Shortly before making his human forme his new default forme, Selzer, Elixir, and Tea, his brother and two sisters, arrived on Earth to hunt him down, finish him off once and for all, and destroy Earth.