Basic Stats:Edit

Species: Human

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 186 pounds

Age: 26 years


Kendall Damion is an American male who normally wears shady clothing such as jackets with hoods on them and jeans, but during contracts he frequently changes clothing on a daliy basis. He has scars from past contracts and a few from run-ins with other members of BITF. Most notable on his head when not wearing his hood. Skin is darker than most white males and he does not show significant muscle mass, though he can lift heavy weapons to an extent if needed.


Not much was known about Kendall's childhood, and the ones who did were killed by him, excluding his family members. Information assumes Kendall had lived a harsh life before, and had his brother killed by a rival gang. From here on, his record mostly compiles of a large amount of assassinations and hits, gaining him a reputation for being an efficent and silent killer for hire.


Kendall, after being assaulted countless times at home and in the street by gangs, prefers to use a butterfly knife or some similar concealable short blade. but will not hesitate to bring an SMG, if available, out if he is in danger. He also has above average handgun proficency, and most of his pistols are silenced. Partaking in so many contracts and his lust for revenge on the system, Kendall has seen many horrors of paid assassination and is not fazed upon seeing injured or dead people, some gruesomely disfigured. His fear has diminished to the rate only certain things like Vulcan will startle him.


When not on contracts, Kendall is secretive of his clients and the deas with them, and does not talk to many people. However, it is able to warm up to him, especially if said person also deals in paid assassination or the such. Kendall considers those with low intelligence to be a dead weight to him at times. Upon getting angry or enraged, it is common for him to use profanity, but still maintains a cool stance in combat. He, at times, takes respite at seeing pain and suffering in others.