"Made" is a broad term for the artificial creatures of System Malfunction. They have few common characteristics and can barely be considered a common species. All, however, share a limited number of traits:

  • They are generally quadrupedal
  • They are frequently similar to a canine, lupine, or feline in shape
  • They are more powerful than the average creature of the same size

Beyond these three commonalities, however, variety is great. There is no common colouration, size, or mental state. They can possess a number of extraordinary abilities. At least fifty Made exist, although their status in life or death is unclear.

Empathetic LinkEdit

All of the Made have an underlying bond. They cannot speak nor communicate beyond basic thoughts, but they are innately at ease with one another and do not display enmity. This, in effect, allows them to focus themselves towards a common goal despite their communication barrier. They can sense the position, state, and general emotions of the other Made.


The Made were created as part of a much larger scheme during a stalemate of a global cold-war-gone-hot. Desperation pushed the largely Western coalition into numerous risky strategies, ranging from unorthodox weaponry to the Made. The Made were the culmination of several generations of testing, each of which approached a desired level of success.

Each of the Made is perpetually linked to a central control which enables them to receive instruction and to both receive and transmit information. However, the system was carefully designed to prevent the Made from contacting one another directly. Fears were raised of some sort of corruption of the else wise excellent mindset of the majority of the Made. As such, they know of each other's whereabouts, but cannot communicate directly.

Each Made has a name which it may or may not know, but they are not aware of the names of others. They are marked with their name on a small tag, which is generally stapled int ot he leg or shoulder. Made are unaware of each other's names.