The Mental RealmEdit

According to fractal theory, existence at large is divided into two realms - the mental, and the physical. Both depend on and subtly influence each other through their growth and the lives of their inhabitants.

The recognised symbol for the Tower also works as a shorthand for the mental realm as a whole.

The TowerEdit

The 'core' and origin of the mental realm is the Tower - an immense, crooked, black structure. Always visible on the horizon, most manifest live their entire lives in sight of its jagged cut across the sky.

Most manifest also begin their lives in the Tower. It is the core and origin of the mental realm because it is the origin of 'drives' - the instinctual emotions which are a manifest's soul. This process is shrouded in mystery and rumour - mostly because the Tower itself is shrouded in the same, and few manifest are willing to risk the total destruction the rumours promise to study the building. There are clues, however - Towerlegs, the river running the diameter of the roughly-circular realm, is a water immensely thick in mental energy; the stuff curls away from it like steam. The deepest tunnels of the Pit lead directly back to the Tower, which appears to cut through the earth as it does the sky, and Pitslime has been seen leaking from the scale-like walls of the place.

Temple of AncientsEdit

Of the few manifest with the gall to even draw near the Tower, all who have returned have reported that the structure is surrounded at its base by another construction. Massive, flat slabs of stone are arranged around the Tower and its river, in a manner humans would find reminiscent of Stonehenge and similar sites; the largest slabs have the signs for the ancients carved on opposite sides, facing towards and away from the Tower.

The ancients who could be asked about this place claimed complete ignorance.


The mental realm is divided into kingdoms; areas which represent a 'facet' of the mind, ruled over by a representative manifest. Some of these kingdoms are further divided - Redwing's Kingdom, for example, includes the Pit; but that place is ruled mainly by Master, and Redwing leaves well alone.

As one might suspect simply by considering one's own complex thoughts, there are innumerable kingdoms, representing all manner of concept created by all manner of physical being.

Notable & Studied KingdomsEdit

Redwing's Kingdom & the Pit


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