Neo, discovering that forelegs should equal hindlegs in size

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Basic InformationEdit

Species: -

Length/Height: 4'8"/3'3" (1.4m/1m)

Weight: 170 pounds (77 kg)

Age: 9

Forum colour: Light gray-blue


  • Highly mutagenic and capable of self-healing
  • Diehard
  • Can steal traits from other creatures and use them as she sees fit
  • Reasonably intelligent
  • Skilled with tail attacks


  • Susceptible to poison- she has evolved a defense against death, but it can easily cripple her
  • Cannot fight well in confined spaces- weak claws and fangs


Neo has no set appearance, due to her extraordinary mutagenic abilities. However, she always has the general form of a feline with a tail equal to her body length. The tail is tipped with a wicked spike and is her primary weapon in battle. She has large, blue eyes and swept-back ears.

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Neo is currently in adulthood and has developed a sharp tongue over the years. She is quick to mock those she considers imperfect- practically every living thing- but is not so brash as to get herself into trouble. Usually, that is. Due to her regenerative nature she has escaped some highly nasty situations, so she often ignores blatant danger if she does not pause to think.


While she can assume many combinations of traits, she has a number of frequently-used forms:

  • Offensive form
    • Used to defeat opponents who are proving difficult to best yet are not a great danger to her person.
    • She strengthens her entire muscular system and elongates the spike on her tail. She also gains longer talons, suitable for use in battle
  • Defensive form
    • Used when in serious danger
    • Thickens her fur to dampen blows. Most of her strength shifts to her leg muscles, permitting sudden escapes
  • Survival form
    • Used to survive extreme conditions
    • Neo either thickens or thins her fur to regulate her body temperature. She can also form membranes of skin to stabilize herself in raging waters. Her energy consumnption decreases somewhat
  • Concealment form
    • Used to avoid detection
    • She rapidly shifts the colour of her fur from blue to that of her surroundings. Her breathing slows significantly, as does her heat signature
  • Intimidation form
    • Used to frighten away potential foes
    • Her skin tightens somewhat, producing a bony appearance. This is especailly prevalent on her face, which combines with an influx of blood to her eyes and jaws to form an unnerving appearance