Name: Quilace Insanus

Nickname: Quilace

Creator: Ario

Personality: He is a man of many talents, but he mostly just wants to fight things and learn other things.

Weaponry/powers: He is an alchemist and can control fire and ice to his will, being able to make weaponry out of them. If he combines the two elements, he can make pure energy, and although it can be made into a weapon, it will only deal magical damage for it is not a solid object. He can also make a sword of metal, but he will light it on fire later, turning it into a fire sword. He prefers to dual wield scimitars of both his elements, but he has been known to use a hammer, and a huge two hand sword. In username: The RP, he also uses a blunt claymore as his joke weapon. He is also good at dodging ranged attacks, but he prefers to keep it to close range. If he must have a ranged battle, he will use kunais made of ice.

Bio: Quilace was a guy who was born with the powers of fire and ice. His skill was not very good until he bought two books from Ario (the character) that had no title, only a picture of his alchemy symbols on his hands. After reading these and learning the secrets, he figured out how to combine the elements. He has gone on many adventures, but they didn't span the globe or anything. His adventures mostly consisted of fighting, and not actual adventuring.

Stuff he's done: Fought Aurum, gotten into many shenanigans, and kept his title of master of insanity.