The Spirit Realm is the religion used by most of TheMightyBox's characters, and in most cases is actively involved in their backstories. The Spirit Council are the ones who preside over the realm.


When a being dies, their spirit is taken to the spirit realm where it manifests a spiritual body, which is usually how the being in question imagines themselves. Upon entering the realm, the being receives a mysterious energy, which is extremely, extremely, EXTREMELY, large in living standards, known as spirit energy. This energy can be easily manipulated to do nearly anything the user wants. If a spirit misuses their energy, they will be judged by one of the council members, and if pronounced guilty, they may have a portion or the entirety of their energy taken.

Spirit CouncilEdit

X-Box was raised in the spirit world by a member of the council, as such she has large favor with them, the entire reason she got into the Living Realm into the first place. TheMightyBox, on the other hand, is viewed as a thief and illegal emigrant for leaving the Spirit Realm so many times to return to the living, and cannot go back or risk harsh and possibly biased punishment.

The GatekeeperEdit

With the amount of energy one spirit has, it would be fairly easy for one to escape into the Living Realm, which in some cases is very, very bad. Therefore, one spirit assigned by the council is known as the Gatekeeper, who keeps tabs on all energy transfers between the Spirit and Living Realms. He is good friends with TheMightyBox, which is how he acquires most of the spirit energy for his hats.


To contact the Spirit Realm, one must first send something to the Spirit Realm, usually something like a fly or fish one was about to cook anyways. After this, the Gatekeeper must allow you access to spirits. One must know who one wishes to talk to or risk cycling through millions upon millions of spirits simply to find who you are looking for, after this, it is a simple matter of communicating telepathically and transferring energy, if that is was one was wishing to do.