You can't see it, but the Games Master is just oozing charisma in this picture.

The Games MasterEdit

Basic StatsEdit

Species: Shadow Creature

Height: Extremely Variable

Weight: Extremely Variable

Age: Unknown


The Games Master is a shapeshifter, but he has a preferred form to appear in. He is allways completely black, and usually possesses a pair of horns on his head, with an extremely stylish set of red goggles that either cover or contain his eyes. His shoulders curve up into points, and his body becomes thinner as it goes down, where at the bottom it is met with a sort of swirling black portal. The Games Master usually will not have limbs.


The Games Master is an extremely powerful and talented shapeshifter. From his shadowy body he can grow an incredible variety of weapons, ranging from swords to flails to guns. In addition to weapons, he can create more practical extensions, such as arms and wings. Although he does not demonstrate this skill too often, the Games Master can also take on the full physical appearance of others, although he will retain his goggles and will be monochrome. When disguised as someone else, he can use any of their physical attributes that he can see, but nothing else. For example, if he were to copy the appearance of a telekinetic dragon, he would gain the dragon's wings and talons, but not his telekinesis or any internal weapons.

In all forms, the Games Master has a simplistic control over fire and electricity. He can breathe black fire or shoot it out of his hands, and he can create weapons such as flame throwers and taser guns.


The Games Master is one of the head villains of Imagination Nation, a title that he shares with three others. He possesses an extremely large ego and generally thinks that most people are beneath him. Yet, he takes a very laid back perspective on villainy, and gets a kick out of messing with people instead of executing large and complicated schemes. It is relatively easy to annoy the Games Master, as anything that prods his pride will likely set him off.

He also has a crush on the Cree, though seeing as they live in two separate worlds that exist within two separate peoples' minds, critics are doubtful that is will work out.