The Hateful OneEdit

Basic StatsEdit

Species: Manifest

Height: 5ft4

Weight: 87lbs

Age: Timeless


The Hateful One is a short, thin humanoid with a hunched stature and crooked legs. Her hands end in long claws of bone, caked over the years in enough blood and filth to make them look like gnarled roots. More noticeable than all this, though, the majority of skin on her face has been scratched away. Her left eye and the muscle surrounding it has been torn out, leaving a wide, empty socket; her remaining eye is pale blue, and nothing else.


As far as can be told, The Hateful One has no major shapeshifting abilities.


The Hateful One is a predator. She may be many other things, when well-fed - a confidante, an advisor, a depressing curio - but at any other time, all this goes out the window, making her extremely untrustworthy.

She first lures in victims with her pitiful nature. After regaling them with a sob story, she attacks - the process is not drawn out; but some theorise she sees her prey as an outlet for her misery, as well as a food source. Sadly, her drive will ensure that The Hateful One is sorrowful, plagued by false memories of lost love, for as long as she exists.

The Hateful One's violent attacks can do severe damage to a manifest, but, due to the species' very nature, they are usually non-fatal. Those from the physical realm, though, are well-advised to beware.