Vulcan, looking either annoyed or amused. You can't really tell.

Basic InformationEdit

Species: -

Length/Height: 8'9"/4'5" (2.6m/1.3m)

Weight: 425 pounds (193kg)

Age: 18 (in terms of maturity, adulthood)

Forum colour: Dark red


  • Powerful in battle
  • Extraordinary fortitude
  • Capable of vanishing in dim light
  • Can strike with a deadly poison
  • Quick witted
  • Rrebounds from near-death


  • Permanently overconfident
  • Slightly bipolar
  • Has a temper shorter than a twig


Vulcan has the appearance of an unnaturally large canine or lupine. His eyes are diamond-shaped and coloured differently- the left is hazel-brown while the right is a light blue. They glow faintly in dim light. He has a near-perpetual smirk plastered across his face. Vulcan's right ear is clipped from an accident (which also left faint scrapes on his right hind leg).


Expecting kindness? None is to be found here. Vulcan has an acutely demented personality and an extreme superiority complex. Not that this is a baseless thing- his incredible strength in battle gives him great confidence. He frequently exploits his remarkable intellect to toy with his opponents, amusing himself by leading his foes off every which way.

Vulcan is tempermental and highly unpredictable. At times he will behave oddly social, then snap and decide that livers make nice hats. When severely injured, he has the nasty habit of losing a good deal of control and becoming far more hostile than usual. The glow from his eyes intensifies, leading to the name "Glowing-Eyes".

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